Privacy Policy

The Giveaway Tools widget collects a variety of non-personally identifiable information like browser type and time zone for the purpose of traffic & demographics analytics.
The Giveaway Tools widget collects personally identifiable information on entry types when relevant verification features are enabled by that widget's administrator(s), this/those administrator(s) will have access to this information to verify giveaway entries.
Giveaway Tools LLC will NEVER sell personally identifiable information.
The sole intended purpose of the collection of personally identifiable information is to confirm user action.

What Information Does Giveaway Tools Collect

In terms of information collection the Giveaway Tools widget has two stages.
All widgets start in stage 1, the dormant stage.
In the dormant stage the widget collects non personally identifiable information through the third-party services Google Analytics® and Quantcast®, through the non-exclusive use of tracking cookies.
In this stage all widgets record the following information:

  • Browser Information
  • Current User Time
  • Email
  • Internet Protocol Address

Once the user clicks the begin link the widget enters stage 2, the active stage.
Depending on the widget's entry & verification settings the widget can also record:

  • Etsy® Display Name (only if the user has given permission to the Giveaway Tools Etsy Application)
  • Etsy User Identification Number (only if the user has given permission to the Giveaway Tools Etsy Application)
  • Twitter® Username (only if the user has given permission to the Giveaway Tools Twitter Application)

By using the Giveaway Tools service ("widget") you consent to the transfer of this information to Giveaway Tools LLC and the administrator(s) of the widget you are using.

Giveaway Tools Social Media Applications

When a Twitter or Etsy entry type has verification enabled you will need to allow an "application" on each service access to your data. These applications do the required actions or post the relevant data to your account according to the entry type to be sure that the action was performed. When a winner is selected these applications also check your account to make sure you have not undone these actions. These social media applications are not made to post any data to your account without you expressly clicking a link to intiate them to do so. They do not record any data from your account, and only search your account for your entry if you are selected as a winner.

Privacy Policy Changes

Giveaway Tools LLC reserves the right to make changes to this privacy policy at any time.
Etsy® is a registered trademark of Etsy Inc.
Facebook® is a registered trademark of Facebook Inc.
Google Analytics® is a registered trademark of Quantcast Corporation
Quantcast® is a registered trademark of Facebook Inc.
Twitter® is a registered trademark of trademark of Twitter, Inc.
Giveaway Tools, LLC is not in partnership with nor endorsed by any of the business entities listed above.

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